HESCO Complain

In the realm of addressing electricity-related concerns, navigating the process efficiently is crucial. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to swiftly register complaints with HESCO, ensuring that your grievances are attended to promptly. Follow the steps outlined below for a seamless experience.

Navigating HESCO’s Complaint Registration Portal

To initiate the complaint resolution process with HESCO, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Visit the Official HESCO Website: Head to the official HESCO website at hesco.gov.pk.
  2. Access the Complaint Registration Section: Hover your cursor over the “Media Center” tab on the website.
  3. Navigate to Customer Service: Under the “Customer Service” section, locate and click on “Register Your Complaints.”
  4. Complete the Complaint Registration Form: Once on the complaint registration page, follow these steps meticulously:
    • a. Enter the 14-digit reference number from your HESCO bill in the top-left field.
    • b. Input your mobile number without spaces or dashes.
    • c. Provide your name in the designated field.
    • d. Specify the nearest location to your residence.
    • e. Select the nature of your complaint from the dropdown list, including options such as line complaints, non-line complaints, and leads/requests.
    • f. Elaborate on the details of your complaint.
    • g. If applicable, use the “Choose File” option to attach relevant files or documents.
    • h. Finally, click on “Register Complaint” to submit your grievance to HESCO.

Frequently Asked Questions about HESCO Complaints

1. When will the snapped supply be restored?

For information regarding the restoration of snapped power supply, reach out to your nearest HESCO sub-division office. If the office line is busy, alternative contact options include calling 111-000-118 or 118.

2. What if we haven’t received a HESCO bill?

HESCO bills are accessible online. Download the latest bill by entering your reference number. If you haven’t received your bill for an extended period, consider visiting your sub-divisional office for assistance.

3. Why is the complaint office line always busy?

During electricity disruptions, the complaint office line may experience high call volumes. If encountering a busy line, connect with 111-000-118 or 118, the HESCO Headquarters helpline.

4. If the bill reading is wrong, who should we contact?

In instances of incorrect bill readings, contact the customer services department of your HESCO area or HESCO Headquarters for resolution.

5. Dealing with Frequent Electricity Shutdowns

Persistent electricity shutdowns often result from distribution system overloads. To address this concern, visit your divisional officer, who will provide insights into the reasons for the shutdowns and guidance on resolution.

By adhering to these guidelines and utilizing the available resources, you can streamline the process of registering and resolving electricity-related complaints with HESCO. Stay informed, act promptly, and contribute to a more efficient electricity service experience